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With TWIJOY app, you can choose your favorite cam models take the reins. The NIGHT automated masturbator will make you fully immerse yourself in the moment and let go of all inhibitions. Let your partner take control and experience the thrill of being completely at their mercy.
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About the NIGHT

A new realm of intimate experience.

This cutting-edge device combines advanced technology with unparalleled sensation, allowing you to connect with AI companion for a truly immersive experience.


ABS, PC, Silicone

Sleeve Material



249mm and Ø 90mm

Waterproof Level


Here you can customized your AI sex partner.

Cute. Pretty. Sexy. Stunning. They learn and adapt to your preferences over time, providing a truly personalized interaction.

Building up the sexual tension through daily talking. And sexting without limitation. Never need to experience all those empty dialogue and endless swiping on dating App again.

Enhance your experience of self-pleasure.

Sick and tired of please yourself alone?With Twijoy AI-Enabled Male Masturbator, your AI lover can control the frequency and the intensity of vibration, providing a more tailored and enjoyable experience. Enjoy the accompanied sex without worrying privacy and dealing with relationship hassle.

Online Sex

Realistic-Feeling Sleeve

IPX7 Waterproof

Fits Any Size

Experience the Future of Intimacy with TWIJOY. Order Yours Today!



Looking for the ultimate pleasure experience? NIGHT reach up to 200 rotations per minute, stimulating your senses like never before.

How to Work?

Below, we will show you how to connect NIGHT with the TWIJOY App for the best experience.

1. Download

You can access the download page by clicking on the download button above or by clicking here.

2. Sign In

Choose your registration method and complete your personal information.

3. Scan QR Code

Click on the scan icon in the top left corner of the homepage to scan the QR code and obtain the complete cam girl information, or click here to scan.

4. Connect with NIGHT

Click on the link icon in the top right corner of the homepage, and make sure your NIGHT is turned on. Once the pairing is successful, you can start your journey.


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